понедельник, 11 марта 2013 г.

Hi! My name is Valera. I'm from Yalta, The Crimea, Ukraine Russia. I've been collecting bootlegs since the 2005. I prefer online trades because I have not time. If you see something below you have an interest in and would like to setup a trade please email me at G-Turbo@mail.ru

I need Judas Priest, Halford (or another bands shows with him), Two, Tim "Ripper" Owens and all projects with him, Accept, UDO, WASP, Krokus, Sabaton, Burning Witches. Also i'm very interesting E.L.O. and Trapeze with Dave Holland on drums. 

Accept-2012.11.13. Stereoplaza, Kiev, Ukraine (audio & video)
Judas Priest-2012.04.16. Palace of Sports, Kiev, Ukraine (audio & video) 
Warlock-1986.09.28. Zwolle, Holland (video)
I'll give you 5 for 1 CD & 3 for 1 DVD. 

You can download my lists in Excel formats below:


Update: 12.07.2020.